Kuching Places Watercolour Drawing

Here’s an elaborate painting of landmarks, items, and food of Kuching City. This painting of Kuching City in Watercolour is commissioned by my ex colleague from Norway. He wanted to remember all the places of Kuching that were significant to him and his partner. How many places can you name in this picture?

The Client was quite elaborate on this piece. They specified a sunset, chalet, Santubong mountain and all the specific buildings they have been to and made memories at. These include a bar, their home, their gym, eating and working places, etc. You can also find Nasi Lemak and Laksa – our city’s famous dishes. It was really a joy painting this and helping eternalise the memories of the lovely couple.

Here’s a similar drawing: Sarawak Buildings on Canvas and Kuching in Line Art form for City Plus FM


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