BorneoTalk Recycled Bottle Art Installation Kuching

Here’s our Art & Design Installation collaboration with BorneoTalk magazine for a reuse, reduce, recycle project in conjunction with the celebration of their 50th edition! Taking the tips we learnt from our Eden Recycled Bottle Art Installation for the Waterfront Hotel back in 2015, Artsy Daphy’s role was to design the art installation so that Borneo Talk’s team can begin to build it. It was first placed at the Padungan Cat Statue and later moved to the cat statues location in the middle of Kuching’s Golden Triangle.


Installation require a few more parts in the design process as we have to figure out how to build it. Here are the preliminary sketches for the art installation. We needed to put the text “50th” into the art piece. The process began with using the picture of the Kuching’s Padungan Cat Statue, and then drawing on to it digitally. This way, we are able to decide how tall and wide the art installation would be. It also helps us pick the most suitable colours for it’s environment.

After that, we proceeded with figuring out how to build the entire installation. We roughly sketched out the frame that would hold the bottles. Below shows a sketch of how we could have potentially coloured the bottles. One of the ideas was to colour old newspaper and stuff it into bottles. But that required too many resources, so we decided to paint the bottles instead since we had existing paint stored away in our office from previous art projects.

Hope you enjoyed this art piece. It is now resting in Borneo Talk’s head office. Don’t forget to tag #artsydaphy if you took a picture of it while it was in town! Till next time!

Do let us know what you think of this art piece! Comment below!

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