Black Jam Mural Art

Black Jam is a fusion food restaurant / cafe located in Saradise Kuching. Our role was to design a mural that would allow a portrait to blend into an art piece along a long wall. The woman we painted on the wall is Rimme Chia, a dear family member of the restaurant owners that passed in 2017. Her loving family wanted her to be part of their lovely cafe. So they’ve asked to have her painting on the wall.


The portrait painting was based on an old sepia picture of her younger days I believe. There was wind in her hair as she looked calmly into the camera. It was quite serene to me. I thought it would be perfect to design her floating with leaves along this 11 meter wall. We were quite pleased with the end result where the flow of leaves brought her gently into the space to watch over her family and the business.

I personally think portraits are a little complicated when it comes to interior design. Sometimes portraits may look a bit scary to people. At times, realism may seem too serious in certain spaces, or might overwhelm the feeling of the room. I try to blend the realistic nature of portraits by designing it with some abstract elements to reduce the ‘fierceness’ of it.

Here’s the draft before painting so you get the full picture. As you could probably tell by now, my art or designs always have a particular “flow” to them. I like how fluid “flows” soften an image and blends it into the space.

Kimberley hard at work right there. We had 2-3 days to complete this art piece.

Up close picture of us painting the mural.

Here is the daughter of the woman in the portrait, Melissa. Thank you for the opportunity for this meaningful art piece. Another gem to add to our collection of Murals in Kuching.


If you guys drop by the restaurant, don’t forget to hashtag #artsydaphy on Instagram and check us out too!
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