#42 Bff, Roses and a Wolf

My best friend for ever ever ever ever ever (BFFEEEEE) randomly demanded that she wanted me to draw a picture of her today. Her criteria was that she had to be pretty, it must have roses (like Lee Hi Rose), and must have a wolf. Yes, she is so totally random. 
Lucky for her, I was free and so in the mood to paint! And there you are, an A3 size painting for her to frame on her wall so she can narcissistically stare and fantasize about herself everyday. LOL. 
I have been using pocket water colors to paint because, I am too lazy to set up all the paints and brushes and pallets, etc. Which is why I don’t have many paintings to show too. Even my oil painting is left in my room for months, oops, gotta get back to it!

The Instagram picture
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